Telluride… Part 2 of 4 in our weekend road trip. 

Carie and I continued on our way from Denver to Telluride in search of new sights, colors, and experiences. After driving over Grand Mesa, our next stop for the night was Telluride itself.

Approaching the San Juan mountain range and Mt Sneffels,


Last light setting just as we made it,


Telluride is nestled in a box canyon, surrounded on 3 sides by mountains. It is a quaint and cozy mountain town, with a nice main street downtown.


It was a little chilly, but to be expected for an evening in September at 9,000 feet. We warmed up with a couple drinks at a local brewpub and then found some thai food,


We slept in the van, which frosted shut overnight and just barely started in the morning. We zipped downtown for some coffee and tea before heading out. The skies were clear and bright,


Carie took my photo, keeping the important things in focus,


I kept the important things in focus too,


Nothing runs like a Deere,


More pastoral scenes on our way out and away from the San Juans,


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