My wife and I are about to embark on an epic journey, a hike unlike any other… the pacific crest trail. A whopping 2650 miles from Mexico to Canada via 5+ months of backpacking.

My most loyal fans will remember the blog I wrote back in 2015 while biking around the USA ( I intend to keep a similar style blog for hiking the PCT.

To bring everyone up to speed on the last few weeks, and the next few weeks to come,

• March 22, last day of work for Carie

• March 29, last day of work for David

• April 1, we packed up and left Denver

• April 2, arrived in Chicago to visit friends

• April 3, arrived in Merton to unload our life in my parents basement

• April 5, visited friends in Madison

• April 6, visited friends in Minneapolis

• April 7, back in Wisconsin for family night

• April 9, flew out of Milwaukee, connected through Denver, and landed in Los Angeles.

Here we are now, April 10, hanging out in LA, living our best life. Travel has been good, and we are staying with some friends just north of downtown LA.

• We will spend the next few days soaking up LA

• April 14-17, hiking the trans Catalina trail on Catalina island, it will be about 30-40 miles from one harbor to the other on opposite sides of the island

• April 17-18, camping in Laguna Beach

• April 19, staying in Dana Point

• April 20-21, hanging in San Diego

• April 22, bus to Campo to BEGIN HIKING!

I hope you’ll follow along. We will try to publish daily blogs once a week when we get into town, as well as pictures on

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