PCT Day 2 – Lake Morena

11 miles, Near 22.4

The good:

• We slept in and I didn’t feel bad about it. I purposely planned these first few days to be pretty low mileage. Our camp mates were up before 530am, packed and ready to hike. We slept in til 8 and started hiking around 9.

• We hiked around 9 miles and wandered into lake morena and down the road to a PCT mainstay for a milkshake and snacks.

• Met some more interesting and friendly hikers. We are looking forward to meeting more people and developing a “trail family” to hike with… I think it’s just going to come with time.

• Had some cold drinks back at the campground and took a shower

• Another nice sunset

The bad:

• Our first big uphill was 4 miles of exposed trail under the midday sun.

• Moments of chafing

• The lady at the malt shop was less than happy/engaging. Carie felt she was a little skimp on the root beer in her float.

• Melted part of the jet boil while I was trying to boil a non-jet boil pot. Still functions correctly, but doesn’t fit well into the mess kit now when I pack it up.

• We are constantly dealing with dirt and sand. It’s the desert, so we’re always sitting in it and camping in it and its hard to avoid.

• Avocados still aren’t ripe

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