PCT Day 3 – South of Mt Laguna

14.7 miles, near 37.1

The good:

• We met a man named Bobby the day before. We were packing up camp this morning when we heard Bobby walk by on the trail with his boombox playing jazz flute. He convinced his wife to help him slack pack up to idyllwild (like another week down the trail), so he’s having a good time.

• Met some really rad friends at lunch: Ryan, Alex, and Duran. We hiked together and are at camp for the night.

• An avocado finally ripened for us 😝

• Camp is quiet, you can hear the babbling stream and the frogs croaking. The stars are out.

The bad:

• Shoulders ache in the morning from the heavy load on day 1

• There was a little downhill this morning, but the rest of the day was all uphill under the sun. My face is very salty.

• Alex had a moment of exhaustion in the late afternoon and experienced stomach cramps. We made him some food and rested for a while until he was strong enough to hike the last 2 miles. He had been eating lots of fruit and veggies and not near enough calories IMO

• Water has been hard to access both at lunch and dinner, down steep embankments or hard to find. (But grateful for the high water year, I don’t want to think how much more water i’d have to carry and for how many more miles farther)

• Still haven’t had an early dinner day, so far we’ve had to finish preparing the tent and our gear in the dark.

One thought on “PCT Day 3 – South of Mt Laguna

  1. Keep on keeping in. Love your honesty in the good parts and the challenges. All part of it! Ya, he needed some more protein and fats IMO

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