PCT Day 8 – Anza Borrego

9.3 miles, near 86.6

It started raining in the middle of the night. I had no idea it was going to rain, and I even checked the weather 🤔 All of the important things were in the tent, but my backpack was mostly outside and our sleeping pads were pushing the foot wall so the floor inside was exposed, so both things got pretty wet. We ducked under the front porch of the market and got everything packed up. Nothing like stowing away a wet tent!

We got breakfast at a diner with a hiker named “sticks” (she’s hiking with sticks instead of trekking poles), and our French friend McConaughey (“alright, alright, alright”) happened to walk in, so that was a nice surprise reunion.

We got a hitch out of town really easily, from a guy who is newly local since last October, so we’re his first hitchhikers since moving and he was pretty stoked to help us out.

Once we got back on the trail, it was around noon and most the hike was winding around canyons on the side of a mountain, so you could see the trail across the way, and it was a bit monotonous. It’s chilly and windy, high 50s and no sun. I tried drying the tent out at one point and accidentally lost a piece of the vestibule. I’m carrying a lot of water again because it’s dry for 15 miles and we’re not going that far today.

Hoping the wind is a little less intense tonight, we stopped in a little valley, otherwise most of the trail is exposed.

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