PCT Day 13 – Lion Peak

15.7 miles, near 159.7

• Just a mile or so out of camp and we encountered another water cache and rest spot with a free little library. I picked up Thoreau’s “Walden” to read.

• One of the hikers sitting at a bench was stirring his peanut butter jar filled with pb, hazelnut spread, nuts, and other bits. He says he adds whatever sweets he finds to the mix and stirs it up.

• “Song stuck in head of the day” is beach boys – good vibrations. I guess I can’t complain too much about that.

• We hiked a little less than 8 miles in the morning until we reached the highway crossing to Paradise Cafe. It’s hardly been 3 days, but that’s 3 days too long without much water or a fresh creek, so I always gets very excited to wash my hands and face of all the dirt I’ve accumulated.

• One of our hiker friends mom came and gave us a hitch to the cafe. She also offered to buy us breakfast, but we were really looking forward to the famous burgers they serve for lunch, so we had a few beers and waited an hour. The mom and hiker friends left for Palm Springs for the night after they finished eating.

• Carie had an “unpleasant gluten free experience” with her meal, so that lowered her ambition to hike much more for the day.

• An older guy named “Grumpy” was giving hikers rides to and from Idyllwild, and also have us a ride back to the trail. He was wearing a seven dwarves grumpy T-shirt, appropriately enough. He also gave us his number to request a lift later when we need to get off the mountain and into Idyllwild.

• We ended up getting back on the trail around 3pm and knocked out another 8 miles, arriving to a pretty packed campsite. Our section hiking site mates were asleep before the sun set.

One thought on “PCT Day 13 – Lion Peak

  1. Carie, you are adorable in those pictures. Dave is a close 2nd. And Dave, great pick with Thoreau’s Walden. Biomimcry would have been a close 2nd.


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