PCT Day 14 – Red Tahquitz Peak

15.7 miles, near 175.4

The good:

• Up and out by 645am gave us lots of time to cover lots of miles before we made it to our lunch spot and water stop around noon.

• Beautiful views all day, I could see a layer of clouds below blanketing the area way out west. Not sure how far the marine layer extends, but we were above and out of reach.

• Interesting to see the trees at this altitude only grow branches on the east face of the trunk, likely because of how intense and relentless the wind is from the west.

• The age we live in… I was able to book a room for 2 days in Idyllwild on my iphone while sitting on top a mountain in the middle of the San Jacinto wilderness.

The bad:

• Our only reasonable water source for the day was a sulphuric tasting spring a half mile down a steep slope off trail. Took a good 45 min round trip, and it was a real knee killer.

• We played leap frog all morning with a group of younger hikers that did the Appalachian trail together, they were sitting nearby at lunch. We felt a little bit dumber in their presence, but I bet I’d be at a similar level of rambunctiousness if I had all my close friends hiking with me.

• The trail after lunch hugged the ridge, always a steep drop off and uphill for 4 hours. Carie is afraid of heights and hates long climbs, so it was a fun afternoon for both of us 🙃

• We’re at 8200 feet and the wind is really whipping. We were the second pair to reach camp, so we got a pretty prime spot behind a big boulder, hoping for the best 🤞🏼

• The low temp tonight may dip close to freezing, so we’re gonna sleep with our water filters in our sleeping bags to keep them warm.

One thought on “PCT Day 14 – Red Tahquitz Peak

  1. What a beautiful blanket of sky! Way to climb up and up, sounds exhausting. But you young hikers got it👌


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