PCT Day 15 – Idyllwild Nero

4.0 miles, near 179.4

This has been a tough section. Just since leaving paradise cafe 2 days ago, we climbed a cumulative 6600 feet, and even harder were the last 4 days of long waterless stretches.

We met a guy yesterday “in his 70s with diabetes” taking a rest on a log. His pant leg was ripped and he was telling us how a hiker gave him some trail mix because he was feeling dizzy, and was about to eat some more lunch a bit down the trail. A little roughed up, but I didn’t think much of the encounter until we mentioned him to some other hikers in town and they had met him too like 2 days earlier around the same spot. We take a lot for granted, but this trail is tough and I fear for some of the people attempting it.

We took our time to wake up and pack up this morning, we only had about 4 miles to reach saddle junction and get off the trail for Idyllwild. Last night was super windy, you could hear it in the trees all night, and the tent was taking some hits.

Once we reached the junction to get off trail, we tried calling Grumpy for a ride and left a message. We reached the road and started walking towards town before we got a hitch from a nice couple after about 10 minutes.

We walked around and checked out the shops before we could check in to our room (2 night stay!). We ran into a couple friends at the diner and the coffee shop, got some laundry done, then went out for pizza.

I think we got off the mountain just in time to miss some nastier rain and wind. Town was sunny when we got in, but it’s been on and off sprinkling.

(Of course I washed my hands and face first thing in town at the diner, feels good 🤗)

One thought on “PCT Day 15 – Idyllwild Nero

  1. So cool how much interaction there is amongst hikers and folks in town. A community that forms along the way! Hope 70 and diabetes is okay… also that breakfast looks delicious and I won’t clarify which one.


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