PCT Day 16 – Idyllwild Zero

Today we slept in until 730! I guess our bodies have adjusted to waking up with the sun.

We went to a few grocery stores to finish our food resupply, buying things like cheese and salami and tortillas. We hung around the room in the afternoon, catching up on blogs and organizing stuff.

Found a few goodies in the hiker box at the front desk, a full unopened bag of “XXTRA Flamin’ Hot Crunchy Cheetos”, some USB charging plugs, floss, lotion, microwave popcorn. I understand why people offload things like that, we will also have a bit of a hard time carrying everything from our mailed resupply the first couple days, it’s a challenge to fit 5 days of food x 2 people + all the salty snacks we crave in our packs.

It was a little rainy again today. We talked to a few hikers that were half a day behind us and ran into snow showers on the mountain.

At every mountain town or stop we’ve taken, the WiFi available has been awful. It’s basically impossible to post updates unless I use cell data. Instagram also has this bad habit of posting blank pictures, so I have to delete the upload and retry which uses even more data.

We ate dinner at a Mexican restaurant, and Carie had another “unpleasant gluten free experience”, so we will wait to see how that affects our plans to get back on trail tomorrow.

At least we don’t have an ant invasion like our friends do in their cabin down the road. Crawling all over the bathroom sink.

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Welcome to Idyllwild! A cozy mountain town and haven for hikers. We spent 2 nights here to rest and resupply for the next stretch. 1. The Idyllwild monument 2. Moments of fog on our way off the trail 3. Love a good hitch 4. Breakfast at the Red Kettle 5. Carie is both of these things 6. Picking up our resupply, thanks mom! 7. Didn’t want to spend money on another breakfast, so we got waffles and sausage from the grocery store and used the microwave in our room. Works out to be about $2.50 DIY versus $15 per person at a restaurant 🤣💪🏼 8. When we do go out, it’s for delicious Mexican food 9. Our only regret is not meeting Mayor Max. He has his own Facebook page and website too. 10. We built a lovely fire in our room

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