PCT Day 22 – Whitewater River

8.9 miles, near 218.5

A great day to get back on the trail.

• Slow moving in the morning. Had breakfast at the hotel, returned the rental car, waited for everyone to organize and pack up, drank a couple beers so they didn’t go to waste, got an Uber back to the trail, started hiking around noon.

• Just thinking how I wore socks and sandals all weekend, it’s comfortable (trying to wear my hiking shoes as little as possible). You’d have to know I was a hiker from my clothes and odd fashion choices, or maybe I’m just a German tourist.

• Experienced our first “trail magic” from “papa bear”. Cold beer and soda, oranges and apples. Bummer we just got back from town… and already had a beer this morning 🤪 I opted for the ice cold coca cola

• Just a mile on the trail, heading away from the highway and into the hills, we started going up a steep section. Now it’s hot and midday, but still appreciating the landscapes and how fast they change.

• As we crested the pass, a giant mountain appeared on the other side. Funny how it’s so hard to anticipate what’s around the bend. Just 5 miles from the highway and you’re in another world.

• Still amazed every day by the terrain we get to hike. It’s especially wonderful as a photographer, as my vantage point and perspective is constantly changing, so I’m always looking for the shots and it keeps me engaged with my surroundings so much more.

• We got to camp and soaked our feet in the river. The water was much warmer than I expected. Disappointingly as I packed out 4 leftover beers and 2 wines from the weekend, and I was trying to chill them in the river. Our friend tuba got a bunch of river rocks stuck in her blisters, it was gross.

• We were cooking dinner when we noticed these quick moving creatures in the trees. We couldn’t decide if they were really small hummingbirds or hummingbird moths.

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