PCT Day 24 – Sand to Snow Monument

16.1 miles, near 248.2

• Only had a couple creek crossings this morning before we started walking through some burn areas.

• Carie was gassy after lunch (sorry). Unclear if it was the salami or altitude sickness.

• (I’m always gassy. Just a fart machine, no need to worry)

• Nice to finally get out of the canyon where the creek was flowing. Started hiking a ridge that gave us good views of Gorgonio and Jacinto and the Coachella valley.

• Only problem is a long waterless stretch, so I’m carrying an extra 10 pounds of water for tonight and tomorrow.

• We made it to the “Coon Creek Cabin” campground around 5pm. We checked the weather, it’s supposed to get really windy and rain in the morning. We are trying to make it to Big Bear by tomorrow, so I suggested we hike a couple more miles to make tomorrow easier. Carie said she would do it but was “really TO’ed”, and I will definitely be using that line to poke fun at her for the rest of time.

• We got to camp and found 5 tents already setup in the prime spots. We walked down the hill a little ways to find a place to setup. It cooled down really fast, first time we ate food in the tent. I set a zero tolerance policy for spills which Carie promptly broke.

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