PCT Day 26 – Big Bear Zero

Woke up to a big breakfast of cheesy eggs and potatoes, along with giant pancakes. We packed up, said goodbye to the doggos, and headed into town. We picked up some resupply groceries and started walking to a sub place across the parking lot when a nice lady yelled over to us. She ended up giving us a ride to the sporting goods store, then some hiker friends met us and and we went to the zoo.

• Our new friendly lady shared a lot of detail on her recent split with her asshole husband. She made all these secret plans for a new life and ghosted him when he was out to a doctors appointment. She also couldn’t figure out how to control her Bluetooth pandora station, so every time she starts the car, “The Eagles” station starts playing (“…I hate the fuckin’ eagles, man!”)

• The zoo takes in rescues or animals that need rehabilitation. It was a little small, but they are building a new and bigger location just down the road. The exhibits were great for viewing the animals and most of the animals were out and moving around.

• There was 3 grizzly bears, 1 mom and 2 cubs. The cubs are actually 25 years old and mom is 35, so totally full grown. When I wandered up, grizzly mom was sitting back and nursing her “cubs”…

• The bears were extra active because it was close to dinner time. The brother and sister would spar and play fight. Usually one would walk up to the other and start jawing, then fall over and roll around, it was cute.

• Some of our hiker friends have a family vacation home across the lake, so we are staying there for the night. We picked up food to cook and watched Forrest Gump.

• The cabin is super retro with lots of wood paneling, shag carpet, old appliances, oil lamp decorations, and shelves of VHS tapes. A huge improvement from last night, we will have a bed to sleep in and no ants (didn’t mention it yesterday, but the trail angels house was a little dirty/messy and had an ant problem, about what you’d expect with a dozen hikers coming through every day).

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