PCT Day 27 – Holcomb Creek

19.8 miles, near 285.9

Today we slack packed 20 miles. Slack packing is when you carry just what you need for the day, leaving behind the camping gear and all other weight. We checked the weather and saw a storm coming with snow tomorrow, so we are going to do some hiking today and stay at the cabin again, so we can knock out some miles and do less with our full backpack. One of our friends is sick and not hiking, so he dropped us off at the trailhead and will pick us up when we’re done at the nearest road.

• We passed a campground on the trail and 2 boys asked if we saw their missing dog, “Kangu”, who ran off last night. I said no, they said “dang”.

• I listened to my favorite Beatles album Abbey Road while hiking. I love listening to music on the trail, it passes the time and you can listen much more intently. It seems like there’s never time in our normal lives to just sit down and listen to an entire album without multitasking, so this is a perfect time to do it. Unless you commute a lot I guess, but I never did. And yes, I am multitasking by walking, but I can dedicate 95% of my focus to listening to all the layers and instruments, and visualizing them performing.

• There was some fundraiser/walk going on today, so we shared the trail with a lot of day hikers. One couple was blasting music on a Bluetooth speaker, a bunch of obnoxious top 40 from last decade. Now I have “I believe in a thing called love” stuck in my head.

• There were a bunch of kids hanging on the PCT sign, so I powered by and down the wrong side trail. Yes, I blame it on the kids. I kept seeing day hikers pass by, so I checked the map and had to turn around.

• Despite all the signs that say “no bikes or motorized vehicles”, we passed a guy on a mountain bike with his dog.

• Lots of dirt bike and off road action, and gun shots echoing from down the valley. I guess this is the spot for the local red necks to kick back.

• Spent too much money at the brewery once we got back to town for dinner. They wanted $9 for a pint.

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