PCT Day 30 – Deep Creek Hot Springs

11.5 miles, near 310.0

• We woke up excited because today the trail passed by some hot springs. We weren’t sure what to expect, just that it’s clothing optional and a nice place to relax in 4 or 5 pools of hot water.

• We had about 9.5 miles to hike to get there, so it took all morning. Once we arrived, we had some lunch before getting in. A naked dude gave me a beer. Thanks bro.

• It wasn’t very crowded, probably because it’s a Tuesday and in the middle of nowhere. We spent a good 3 hours hanging out until we decided to keep hiking and find a spot to camp. There was a couple of non-pct hikers in a nearby pool that got out just before us, the guy puked on our friends trekking poles. We think he was trippin on mushrooms.

• The weather had been threatening all day, so we only went another 2 miles before stopping so we didn’t get caught by any rain. It seems we’ve managed to miss it.

• We’re camping on a little beach under a bridge. It’s very pleasant, not too noisy from the water and out of the wind.

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