PCT Day 31 – Cleghorn

18.1 miles, near 328.1

• Happy 1 month trail anniversary to us!

• Leaving the hot springs area and continuing north, we saw a bunch of graffiti. Lots of racial slurs and derogatory messages, and all the other normal crap. Sad.

• It was a beautiful morning hiking out of the creek gorge, high up on the ridge. The sun was up and warming everything for a short while before clouds moved in again.

• An hour on the trail and we had a water crossing that required getting our feet wet, so we changed into sandals. Not a big deal, but an annoying speed bump when you’re just getting in the groove.

• We had some more trail magic when we crossed a road by a guy named Coppertone. He setup a table and had cookies to share. We didn’t linger long, but never too early for some cookies.

• We got a smaller bottle to use for drink mixes, so we can have something like crystal light to drink at lunch. I put the bottle in between us to share, and Carie thought I was done so she chugged it. You turn your back on her just a moment…

• I can feel the sunburn on my shoulders from yesterday. Suppose I should have definitely put some lotion on before sitting in a hot spring for hours.

• We finished our hiking for the day around the beautiful Silverwood Lake. There was a picnic area that we all stopped at to order pizza, from the only restaurant that would deliver. Every time someone would make it to the shelter, they’d call and order, so the orders kept stacking up and various groups would have pizza while others would be waiting.

• While we were waiting for our pizza, a shirtless hiker walked up. It was raining, so the only logical reason to be shirtless would be because he didn’t have an extra shirt to wear. Or he was trying to prove that he was really stupid.

• It was raining and cold, and we were just sitting around, so it wasn’t easy to stay warm. Carie got in her wearable sleeping bag, which allows her to stick her arms and legs out and walk around. She spilled buffalo sauce on it while eating dinner.

• The delivery guy apologized a lot, said he was new. Must have been his first day, or he was stoned. He forgot our salad, forgot the foil for leftovers, forgot to call when on his way to pickup beer.

• It was close to dark and hikers were antsy to setup their tents. We were in a day use area, but had heard the rangers were chill with PCT hikers to camp overnight. The ranger this night was definitely no chill and stormed through with an attitude and told us all to leave.

• He told us to go around to the campground, “it’s an easy 10-15 minutes up the road” which translated to “I don’t know definitely longer than that but who cares fuck you”

• Some hikers opted to get back on the trail to find a camp site and avoid a $5 fee for the hiker/biker campground. We didn’t mind paying the $5 and started hiking up the road. As we hiked up, we witnessed the sun setting and a sunset rainbow in the distance. It was gorgeous.

• It kinda stopped raining for us to setup the tent. We picked a spot close to the trees, because it may start raining again overnight. We are close enough to the normal campers to hear our neighbors Winnebago generator kick on every 10 minutes.

One thought on “PCT Day 31 – Cleghorn

  1. lots of interesting humanity on the trail, w/ and w/o badges……..and don’t forget about the generators…..reminds me of circa 2001 or 2002, family camping in the Badlands, trying to hear to Western Meadowlark, but alas the camper w/ generator doesn’t appreciate the sounds of silence/nature in the wilderness. Remember? 🙂


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