PCT Day 32 – Cajon Pass

13.1 miles, near 341.9

• Woke up to no rain overnight, thankfully. It is super windy, but our tent is surprisingly sheltered by a thick grove of trees

• There is one really annoying coyote or dog nearby. Just keeps barking.

• My new favorite mid morning snack is a clif bar with a few spoonfuls of peanut butter. The calories burn quickly in the morning, so it’s a much needed and appreciated treat.

• The wind hasn’t let up any bit this morning, and we are hiking along ridges, in and out of the clouds and mist.

• Our first goal today is making it to the I-15 at Cajon Pass and the McDonald’s just off trail. A lot of people attempt to resupply with McDonald’s food for the following 1.5 days to the next town (we will not be attempting that).

• We finally made it through the wind and fog to McDonald’s around 2pm. I ordered a McDouble, mcchicken, large fry, hash brown, apple pie, and iced coffee. Carie got the breakfast platter and a strawberry shake. It was the best $20 spent yet.

• We were convinced to split a room between 5 of us at the best western across the road. There was a slight hiccup with which room we booked, but we straightened it out and spent the next 6 hours in the hot tub.

• First time I noticed my sunburn in the mirror. I could feel that it was red, but hadn’t seen how much of a lobster I really was until now.

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