PCT Day 39 – Big Buck

17.9 miles, near 424.5

• All the hikers in the site next to us were packing up and about ready to leave by 6am. The last guy rolled a joint and relaxed for another 10 minutes. Some interesting rituals and habits out here for sure.

• We made it to a fire station for lunch. It was pretty windy and hot, so it was nice to find some shade and picnic tables to relax. Some hikers ordered pizza delivery, it looked pretty good. A little regretful, but we’re planning to get pizza tomorrow.

• We’ve been seeing a lot of hummingbirds.

• It was a very hot and uphill afternoon. We were guessing on a place to camp, so there’s always a little anxiety attached to finishing our miles and figuring it out. The potential spots were very windy and pretty small, so I spent a lot of time trying to clear brush and rig some knots to get the tent tight.

• We didn’t have a great vantage of the valley below, and there were no clouds to enhance the colors, but it was still a lovely sunset.

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