PCT Day 40 – Acton

19.8 miles, near 444.3

• Carie gets mad at me in real life for things I do in her dreams. Anyone else have this problem? 😝

• We passed a pair of trekking poles on the trail just outside of camp. Usually a backpack on the trail with no body means they’re off in the woods “doing the business”. We weren’t sure, so we left it alone. 10 minutes later, we saw the hiker “kingpin” hiking up the trail towards us, going back for his poles (he forgot them after “doing his business”).

• More hummingbird encounters. One curious fellow approached me while I was doing my morning business.

• We hiked down to a ranger station for lunch. They had picnic tables and a ready to drink water cache. There was one guy manning the place, he was selling cans of soda and little bags of chips for $1, so we spent $5 on a variety. Nothing like a cold drink on a hot day.

• We spent the afternoon telling each other stories about food. Food as a child, food on my bike trip.

• Question: Did anybody else’s parents toast rice cakes and melt a slice of cheese on top as a snack for their kids? That one was genius, and delicious. Thanks mom!

• We took a break at the river and spotted shapes in the clouds. I couldn’t understand why it was happening, but new clouds would appear above the nearest ridge out of thin air.

• We descended near the town of Acton and camped at the KOA. We didn’t have any cell service, but managed to order delivery pizza from a local spot. They delivered beer as well, which was cool, but hit and miss on getting exactly what you ordered. We also ordered a bunch of hot wings and they forgot the ranch and blue cheese. We are 0 for 2 on pizza guys this trip.

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