PCT Day 41 – Agua Dulce

9.5 miles, near 453.8

• The maintenance guy finally fixed the hot tub heater this morning, so a bunch of hikers were soaking. Would have been nice to have after hiking yesterday, no desire to jump in this morning.

• We hit the trail and started climbing. We had plans to get picked up at the Vasquez Rocks near Agua Dulce by Claira’s mom so we could hang out in Ventura for weekend. The rocks are a famous back drop for some Star Trek scenes and other Hollywood movies.

• Had another hummingbird encounter when I was standing very still shooting some video, it flew within 2 feet of my head, just checking me out.

• I’m always up for trying new things, but store brand peanut butter is off the table from now on. The most recent jar was not nearly creamy enough.

• Once we loaded the minivan, we headed to Hiker Heaven, a trail angels house that is setup to accept resupply boxes, host campers in the back yard, and provide pretty much everything a hiker could need. The whole operation was super impressive, I was a little disappointed we didn’t need to stay there.

• Mom sent us a resupply box, so we needed to stop in. The entire garage was filled with boxes on shelves. We got everything we needed, including a new pair of shoes for me.

• Next we stopped at REI. My pants always sag and stress in the crouch, so the entire front and back had rips at the seams. I picked up some new shorts and tights. Carie picked out a new sleeping pad and I will use her current pad since mine broke. Our friends were letting me use their spare foam pad the last few days since my air pad broke.

• We did some laundry at home, then went to dinner at a Persian restaurant in Simi Valley.

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