PCT Day 42 – Ventura Zero

• Today we spent the day in Ventura. We ate brunch at a Mexican restaurant, drank some beer, drank some coffee, walked on the beach and pier, drank more beer, browsed the thrift shops, and ate Thai for dinner.

• The Mexican brunch was a buffet with bottomless mimosas. It had double of what the Wrightwood buffet offered and then some. I finally got my taco station!

• Midway through the meal, a bird pooped on our table on the patio. It was directly in between me and claira, but the momentum sent the splatter towards claira. The poop splatter blended in with her food, so she wisely got a new plate and drink. I kept eating and I still feel fine.

• We watched a boy catch a fish on the pier and a group of older ladies took turns getting a photo with the fish.

• We had a beer at one of those pubs where they give you a wristband and you can pour your own beer. We were watching Jurassic Park 2 on the TV before they changed the channel so both TVs next to each other were playing the same basketball game. We asked them to switch it back so we could watch a T-Rex wreck San Diego.

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Taking a zero day in Buenaventura 🏖

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