PCT Day 44 – Casa de Luna

14.2 miles, near 478.2

• Carie was very hyper this morning, even without tea. And then she expected me to make her tea, but I didn’t, so she was upset.

• We broke a tent clip on day 8 and asked zpacks to send a replacement. They sent the replacement to Agua Dulce and we finally fixed the vestibule today.

• We didn’t sleep in, but it warmed up very quickly as soon as the sun rays hit the tent.

• Carie bought cereal and dried fruit and powdered milk for breakfast, just add water. She’s a little bit lactose intolerant, so all that milk didn’t sit well for very long.

• All of the plants on the side of the trail look shiny, so I assume they are all poisonous. I know this isn’t true, but better safe than sorry, so I basically don’t touch anything ever.

• It’s breezy today, but it’s a very hot wind, so it’s only half nice and helpful.

• The afternoon was a long winding downhill through the canyons with no shade. I started fantasizing about jumping in a lake.

• We finally made it to the road to hitch into Green Valley and make our way to Casa de Luna, a trail angels house. Green Valley has 2 gas stations and 1 out of business restaurant. We walked only a little ways before Carie secured our hitch. Our guy didn’t know where Casa was, so he drove us to one of the gas stations. He bought a 6 pack and hit on the clerk before leaving. I got a slushee and some snacks and then we found Casa.

• Terri and Joe at Casa de Luna have been welcoming hikers to their home for 10+ years, hosting hikers in their back yard manzanita tree forest. Hikers can paint rocks and leave them in the forest, and hang out in the shade on ragged couches in the front yard. They heat up beans and nacho cheese and serve a taco salad dinner every night. This is truly a difficult vortex to escape.

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