PCT Day 45 – Casa Zero

• Terri and Joe make pancakes for breakfast every day. It seemed like a lot of people were up and ready to hike out early, so I was one of the last to eat by the time I rolled in at 7.

• We didn’t have any hard plans, so we took the day in stride, thought about hiking out late afternoon, but decided to stay another night. Carie was fighting another feminine infection, so we need to pickup some meds in Santa Clarita tomorrow. Terri let us sleep in the guest room while she recuperates.

• A bunch of bros went to the store and bought lots of beer to play “wizard staff”, which is just taping cans together and seeing who is the grand wizard with the biggest staff at the end of the night. Later on they needed to stand on a chair in order to drink from the top of the staff.

• There was a “guest WiFi” to connect to that basically worked for Facebook and Instagram, no email or google searches or apps. We happened to get on the normal WiFi when we were coordinating medication stuff, so I had the fast stuff and didn’t tell anyone 😈

• The phrase “type 2 fun” keeps coming up, which is the type of fun you enjoy after the fact, like looking back fondly at the experience, because backpacking can be pretty brutal in the moment, but we appreciate the hard work and benefits later. I had never heard of this phrase before, but it’s super appropriate for this trail.

• Every day Terri gets all the new hikers together for a group picture, and moons the crowd on 3,2,1. We were trying to figure out why this place is called Casa de Luna and felt brilliant thinking it was because she moons everyone… like House of the Moon. She said it’s Casa de Luna originally because it normally takes 1 full cycle of the moon for hikers to get from Mexico to her house.

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