PCT Day 46 – Lake Hughes

7.6 miles, near 485.8

• This morning was totally different than yesterday. There was basically nobody around to eat breakfast, probably less people at the house in general and a lot of bros sleeping off their wizard staff hangover. Joe and Terri were jabbing at each other and it was hilarious.

• Him: “Terri was so much better than my first wife, I can’t hardly wait for my third”.

• Her: “Sorry, you can’t get rid of me that easily”. Him: “Yeah right, just keep smoking those cigarettes, honey. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you around in a real nice urn”.

• Terri drove us down to Santa Clarita after breakfast. There was a little confusion at walgreens, but Carie ended up getting the prescription she needed. We got chipotle, ran a few errands, then went back to the house.

• We didn’t stick around for dinner, otherwise it would have gotten too late and we’d probably stay another night. We walked to the road and Carie secured us another hitch back to the trail.

• We hiked a few miles as the sun got lower. We stopped at the top of a ridge and waited for Bradley and Claira. Two guys named Ruben and Matteo caught up as well and we started talking. By now the sun was set and we got our headlamps out.

• We hiked another few miles in the dark, our first time trying night hiking. We thought about going pretty far and taking advantage of the cool night air, but stopped and slept in a washed out riverbed with some other hikers.

• On our way down the valley in the dark, we spotted a kangaroo rat hopping across the trail with its puffy tail. Fortunately no other animal sightings.

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