PCT Day 50 – Tehachapi

17.0 miles, near 558.5

• A few miles down the trail this morning, we crossed paths with a guy doubled over feeling pretty ill. He said he had food poisoning from eating at Wee Vill and was dealing with it on trail the last 5 days. He couldn’t hike very far before puking or diarrhea. He has an SOS beacon if it becomes more serious, but he’s going to hike out and there’s nothing we can really do to help.

• The first water since camp was really dirty, full of gravel and dirt, nothing clear. I had to use a handkerchief to filter water into our bottles before filtering it again for bacteria to safely drink.

• We made it up a long uphill and stumbled on this little oasis of pop up shade and water, setup by an absent trail angel. We refilled our bottles and ate in the shade. There was a curious raven hopping around, totally unafraid of us. It hopped on my food bag and then on my shoe and just perched. Bradley picked it up to see if there was something we could do to help.

• I ran into another rattlesnake, it was just off the trail to the right, it was quick to move away.

• We made it to the road where most hikers get a hitch into town. There’s a bunch of trail angels in town that pick up hikers if you call, but we tried to hitch. A group of 3 Germans ahead of us flagged down a car, but they gave Carie and I the hitch because they didn’t think they’d all fit.

• We got into town and found our Airbnb, showered, then went downtown for dinner. Our number one choice for Thai was closed, so we went to the other Thai restaurant. They wouldn’t sell Carie glass noodles a la carte. We got an Uber back to the house from a guy that made fun of how we smelled, he wasn’t very good at directions, then asked for a tip as we got out. Very classy.

• We scrolled through the satellite tv and settled on watching spaceballs until we fell asleep.

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