PCT Day 51 to 54 – Tehachapi Quad Zero

I’m not sure how it came to this, but we managed to spend 4 full days in town. We knew we’d take at least 1 zero, because we booked the bnb for 2 nights, then we heard about a trail angel and stayed with her 1 night, then it was hot again and ended up staying a second night with the trail angel, then our friend “Nibbler” caught up to us and we crashed her hotel room. It was partly to wait for Nibbler so we could hike together, and partly Claira was being cautious and trying to give her foot extra time to heal. In any case, it was a lovely stay in a lovely town, and I’ve forgotten how to hike.


• Claira’s foot was really bothering her yesterday on the way into town, so Bradley and Claira went to the clinic this morning to get it checked out. While they were out, we cooked and ate a picture perfect breakfast with a wonderful view on the back patio.

• We got a ride to the grocery store for resupply, and lucked out with a big truck Uber that could fit 5 passengers to bring us back home.

• We hung out around the house and outside by the ponds. We attempted to fish for crayfish with salami, but ended up catching more ticks on our bodies while sitting there.

• We roasted corn on the cob and Matteo attempted an authentic Italian spaghetti dinner. Apparently he wanted plain diced tomatoes, not red sauce. He effectively forbade everyone from using the red sauce, but I used it anyways and he got mad. Nobody else dared to use the red sauce, but it made my dish a little tastier.

• We convinced our bnb host we wouldn’t trash the place, because he was reluctant to host hikers, and we didn’t trash it, but we also kinda had a party. We bought more beer than expected, so it couldn’t go to waste, and we invited a few other hikers over, so there was 10 of us enjoying the hot tub and just kickin it.


• We made pancakes for breakfast, packed up our stuff, and feverishly cleaned the house.

• The host came around as we were checking out at noon, Carie stalled him while we got our stuff out. Matteo decided he needed a shower at 1155 🙄

• We again lucked out with an Uber, in a town with no regular drivers. We convened at a sushi place, I walked to the grocery store to return extra unopened red sauce, got a ride to the post office, Carie got pho, then we walked to the movie theater to watch Aladdin. I thought it was pretty good, Carie disagrees.

• After the movie, we met some friends at the saloon then went to get pizza. By the time we finished eating, our friends got a ride from their trail angel “Rae” back to the trailhead. We asked this same trail angel to let us stay at her place since our friends left and the beds were open again.

• Once Rae dropped them off, she came back for us. We loaded our gear in the car, then she started driving on the highway out of town… I didn’t realize what was going on until a minute before she arrived to the trail head. Somehow she didn’t understand that we wanted to stay with her for the night, she thought we wanted to get back on the trail to night hike. We asked if we could stay the night and she agreed and it was pretty awkward.

• One of the beds was only a twin, so Carie got the bed and I slept on the floor.


• We went to a tasty German bakery for breakfast, then across the street for lunch at a burger spot.

• Our friend Nibbler got into town and her boyfriend Alex drove in to visit. We checked out the local thrift store, then got BBQ for dinner. We split a meal for 4, so we could try a bunch of different stuff.

• There was a weekly farmers market going on today, so we walked over after dinner. Carie and I purchased tamales to eat for lunch tomorrow.

• We all went back to Rae’s and watched Good Will Hunting together.


• We packed up in the morning and moved our stuff over to the hotel room. We ate our tamales and drove to the grocery store again for some last minute stuff. We got a happy hour drink from sonic and brainstormed careers for Carie.

• We went to the pizza place again and beat the dinner rush. Carie almost came back to the table from the bathroom with 3 feet of TP stuck to her shoe.

• The original plan was to night hike after dinner, but instead we bought a case of Mikes Hard and went back to hotel room to hang out.

• We started watching the movie “Christopher Robin”, but most people fell asleep. I used the time to catch up on photos and blogging.

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