PCT Day 56 – Robin Bird Spring

18.7 miles, near 602.0

• Really jealous of the guy I saw this morning spreading peanut butter on 2 danishes to make a breakfast sandwich.

• We broke for lunch at a campsite with some big shady trees. We ate and took a siesta, ended up staying for 3 hours.

• Claira and Bradley arrived around 4, Clairas ankle was really hurting. They decided to try and find a way off trail so they could get her foot checked out by a good doctor in LA.

• Carie and I left around 5, leaving our friends behind. We will reconnect with them down the trail once they figure out the situation.

• We saw a really big gopher snake in the grass right next to the trail, beautiful brown stripes and no rattle 😬

• We hiked into the evening and past sunset again, arriving to the spring in the dark. It was pretty crowded, but Nibbler saved us some space next to her tent.

• The freeze dried chicken fajita bowl meal we made tonight is “Best buy December 2048”

• Our camp is very quiet and calm, a nice benefit for some good sleep. I am peeing a strong gold tint, it’s been a dry day.

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A cloudless and serene sunset ☺️

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