PCT Day 57 – Dove Spring Canyon

19.9 miles, near 621.9

• We enjoyed a nice soft pine needle forest trail this morning. The trail turned sharply uphill and out of the forest after lunch, the sun was brutal.

• We left the last spring water for 35 miles before exiting the forest. We are carrying 5-6 liters, and will need to rely on the water caches we think are ahead.

• There was a surprise water cache we didn’t expect just an hour after the spring. Didn’t need it, but I topped off my bottle. Hoping this is a good sign of things to come.

• A few hours later, we reached a cache we were expecting. It was pretty calm when we first arrived, then the wind started whipping and a swarm of bees came through, so it was like a cyclone of bees.

• I had very bad chafing in the afternoon as we got closer to camp. Not sure what I’m doing wrong to deserve this, might have to go commando.

• There’s a blood moon rising in the east tonight, very beautiful and colorful.

• We shared the 1 picnic table at camp with some other hikers. A couple from New Zealand are carrying a beacon they got off their parents sailboat. It has no indication if it’s powered up or working, and they have no idea how to use it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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