PCT Day 58 – McIver’s Spring

21.9 miles, near 643.8

• We stopped a little short of our intended campsite yesterday, so we have some bigger miles to hike today.

• We could hear fighter jets in the valleys all day. Never caught sight of them though.

• I couldn’t stop staring at what little I could see of the far away Sierra range. You know it’s the Sierra because of all the snow capped mountains. Very daunting.

• Today was one of those experiences towing the line between enjoyment and anxiety. It takes a lot mentally to stop thinking about the miles you have to cover and what it’s going to be like getting to camp at night, and instead focus on enjoying the trail around you and all the beautiful views.

• We raced the sunset to reach camp, arriving just before it got dark, and found a somewhat level spot to put up the tent.

• We heard there could be mice in the area, so we hung our entire packs from a tree branch.

• Carie was catatonic at this point and just wanted to sleep. I made some food and convinced her to get out of the tent to eat, although I had to feed her between sobs.

• My legs were completely caked in dirt, it was refreshing to use the spring water to wash it all off and crawl into my sleeping bag with clean legs.

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The epitome of desert hiking 🌵

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