PCT Day 70 – Medford

I woke up and got out of bed to see barb playing chess in the corner of the living room against herself, presumably not trying to make much noise, waiting for us to get up. We sipped coffee and chatted about international events. We had plans to leave the house around 10 for the trailhead, and I still needed to finish packing up the resupply boxes. Bradley called me and said they were going to stay another day in Medford, apparently someone stole Yardsale’s phone and wallet out her shopping cart at the grocery store, so they were trying to figure that out.

Barb drove Carie and I to Medford and dropped us off at a coffee shop with the others. I overheard the hipster next to us say he’s saving up for a new turntable, but his sound system isn’t due for an upgrade yet.

We hung out at the coffee shop for a few hours, then walked to get Thai food, located next to the “hypnosis technology institute”.

After lunch, we walked to the grocery store for some cheese and other lunch supplies. I considered getting the 2.5 pound party size bag of peanut butter m&ms, but decided it wasn’t worth the weight. Chips are a pain to carry because of how fragile and how much space they take up, but there was a buy 2 get 3 free deal on kettle brand, so we obviously took advantage.

We checked into a hotel then went for sushi dinner. We were seated in the main room, then moved to the “lounge” to take advantage of the happy hour menu. The waitress had to check ID for us to sit in the lounge, but since Yardsale had her ID stolen, she didn’t have a replacement way to prove her age yet, so the waitress made us all move back to the main room… 🙄

Alex drove half the group back to the hotel while the rest of us walked. We got halfway before he circled back and picked us up. We tried to get Dairy Queen, but they just closed, so we got a pint at the grocery store.

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