PCT Day 71 – Callahan’s Lodge

0.0 miles, near 1717.7

We packed up our stuff in the hotel, loaded the car, then walked to the diner for breakfast. Alex drove us in multiple trips to a Starbucks. God of War was getting checked out for giardia at a clinic and Yardsale was dealing with her stolen wallet issue at the bank. I hung out inside by the power outlet and did some photo work. Once everyone was rounded up, Alex drove us to the trail head at Callahan’s lodge. We hung out on the grass and drank some beers we packed out, again waiting for everyone to arrive. Claira tried to pick up bumblebees, and I won against Carie twice in tic tac toe. By the time everyone made it to the lodge, it was around 5pm. We decided it wasn’t worth hiking out so late, so of course we split a couple hotel rooms.

We soaked our feet in the room jacuzzi hot tub and hung out before going to the lodge restaurant for dinner. Bradley felt like paying for the entire table, he says it was “date night”, super generous.

We spent the rest of the night setting up characters for a DnD campaign. Someone printed out paper templates to fill in all the info. I downloaded an app that did all the back end work, it took so long that we didn’t end up playing at all, so I guess we will resume the game on the trail.

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