PCT Day 76 – Jack Spring

19.5 miles, near 1808.9

• Lots of mosquitoes again in the morning, we quickly walked through the forest until we climbed up on the ridge where we had cell service.

• We had our first great view in days. The ridge snaked around peaks above alpine lakes and burn areas. Just before heading over devils peak, we could see Mt McLoughlin rising to the southeast and Klamath lakes to the southwest.

• There was snow on the north side of devils peak, allowing us our first glissade experience. It looked a little daunting, but I was unsurprisingly a natural 😜. Some hikers didn’t grasp what it took to slow down with their hiking poles, so some of them got a little out of control.

• We passed a marker for 1800 miles. Since we flipped up, these don’t really mean anything anymore, we’ve completed something like 850 miles total.

• Although we had good views today, Oregon has been a little disappointing so far because of the mosquitoes and the green tunnel we’ve endured. Bradley and I discussed the pros and cons of our situation. He seemed a little down about it, and I tried to spin it positive.

• We stopped to camp at a junction to a spring, the path to water a little ways off trail. Someone spotted a pond much closer to camp, so we filled up there instead.

• Seems to be less mosquitoes here tonight, maybe because it’s close to a burn area. Whatever it is, I’ll take it. Twinkle has 43 bites on one of her arms, she counted.

• The cicadas are singing us a lullaby to sleep.

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Purple sunset clouds 😊 #pct2019

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