PCT Day 78 – Prospect Zero

• Went to the diner for breakfast. We had a very sassy waitress, she wouldn’t take our order unless it was spoken perfectly with correct grammar, like “may I” not “can I” please get the 3 egg scramble. She cut her teeth in the breakfast business in Georgia. Down there, you say “shake that egg” if you want your eggs scrambled and “fry that pig” if you want bacon.

• Met a guy at the table next to us who flew his small plane from Medford to Prospect, just to eat breakfast at the diner. After he left, his friend waved us outside to watch him fly by on his way out. Still 500 ft up, but pretty neat.

• Went to do laundry, but needed quarters. A sign said to get them at the visitor center. An old man at the center asked “hope y’all have a gun?” That will forever be the worst thing a hiker could pack out.

• Another noteworthy item from the visitors center, mark your calendars, there will be a “goodbye to Joyce” BBQ dinner on 7/20

• We made reservations to eat dinner in the hotel restaurant, another treat from yardsale’s parents. The wine was flowing and I turned in for bed early again.

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