PCT Day 81 – Tipsoo Peak

19.9 miles, near 1861.8

• Woke up to a cooing and chirping chipmunk, couldn’t tell if it was a bird or what at first, just a few feet from my head in a tree.

• We hiked past a smoldering fire just off the trail, likely a duff fire started by lightning a few days ago. We used as much water as we could spare to douse hot spots, then called the forest service to report it. No flames, but definitely hot with potential to get worse.

• We got to a major road and had an opportunity to get a ride to diamond lake resort, but decided to hike on through. Too soon for a break like that. (Wow look at us being good hikers!)

• It was all uphill in the morning. We stopped for lunch on the north side of Mt Thielsen, the mountain looming large above us.

• It got even more difficult in the afternoon. We trudged through thick snowfields and followed footsteps in the snow through exposed areas, then traversed smaller drifts in the forest.

• We reached a river flowing from the mountain with a sketchy snow bridge. The water was flowing pretty fast, but we didn’t have any issues. (Actually, the issue is my water filter flow and how awfully slow it takes to fill a liter)

• The snow slog continued uphill through clouds of mosquitoes. We navigated more snow drifts with 16 miles of water on our back.

• We hit the PCT high point of Oregon (and apparently Washington?) at 7560 feet. All down hill from here boys.

• We made dinner when we got to camp, but couldn’t eat it before taking refuge in our tents from the mosquitoes. 730pm and no plans to leave the tent until morning.

• We have some cell service from our spot on the ridge, which is always nice. There’s also a nice view to the east, partially blocked by trees.

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