PCT Day 86 – Elk Lake Resort

17.3 miles, near 1952.6

• The trail today is pretty unremarkable, more green tunnel, but with lots of tiny lakes and ponds, very charming.

• We made it to another lake resort, this time it’s Elk Lake, just in time for dinner. We ordered a pitcher of cider and bought a 6 pack.

• We met a couple of guys named Frodo, Smokey, and Guinea. They found a guitar in the corner and started playing a Bob Dylan tune. They switched the lyrics to something like this, “Baby would you pitch my tent? Baby, would you pitch my tent? Because I’d do any thing in this god almighty world, if you’d just pitch my tent”. We went around the circle, switching out “pitch my tent” for whatever, like “filter my water” or “rub my feet” or some other backpacking specific phrase. It was a good time, but we got pretty loud and the bar shut us down.

• I accidentally dropped my 1L smart water bottle in the pit toilet, because I tucked it in the chest of my zipped up rain jacket, and it clearly did not stay. I should be ok with two 1.5L and a 0.75L.

• There are no mosquitoes here, which is most remarkable. I guess they drop some kind of larvicide at these lakes, which kills the mosquitoes before they hatch for the summer. Maybe they should consider this for the entire PCT section of Oregon?

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