PCT Day 87 – Mesa Creek

10.3 miles, near 1962.9

• We piggybacked on some hikers campsite. It was full of little stumps, which I tripped over about a thousand times just trying to take my tent down.

• Yardsale developed shin splints, so we’re taking today pretty easy. We played some double headed dragon magic in front of the lake and waited for lunch.

• We finished our leftover beers at lunch, which made everyone want to nap, not much motivation to get back on trail.

• It was a 2 mile side trip to get back on the PCT. We enjoyed our last cell service until we got out of range.

• Back on the trail, a break in the trees revealed views of Mt Bachelor and Broken Top. South Sister was hidden in the clouds. Tiny little mosquitoes attacked us as soon as we stopped to take in the view.

• The forest gave way to some big open valley hiking on the western edge of the Sisters, with more wind and less bugs.

• My feet hurt, mostly the arches and ankles. I think it’s time for an insole replacement.

• We made camp in a big rocky meadow with some of the coldest water flowing from the mountaintop. We cooked dinner 50 yards from our tents, out in the open hoping for some breeze to keep the mosquitoes away. It’s been cloudy all day, but only light sprinkles of rain around 830 as we got ready to go to bed.

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