PCT Day 90 – Bend Zero

• Relaxing Zero planned for today. Packed our stuff up and ubered to a coffee shop. Checked out some gear stores. I bought a new water filter and new insoles, although they didn’t carry the exact insoles I need. Hoping what I got will work ok.

• Bradley got a baseball cap, it’s the Colorado “C” with a fish. He didn’t know it represented Colorado, but got comments from people like he must be from Colorado because of the hat 😆

• I walked to a FedEx office to ship some stuff to Carie in Ashland, waited in line for 15 minutes while the couple ahead of me shipped 4 boxes, apparently a painstaking process with the slowest rep.

• We ate lunch at the deschutes brewery downtown. We had a sassy young waitress, but she brought us a couple sample glasses of beer. What is it with our crew getting picked on at restaurants?

• We walked to a laundromat, which happened to be attached to a bar. I accidentally moved the clothes from the washer to another different branded washer, so we washed our clothes twice before they got to the dryer. Give me a break, it was happy hour.

• We played pool while waiting, then walked next door for dinner at another brewery. There was a coin vending machine in the men’s bathroom at the bar, providing important things like pictures of topless pinups for $1.00. We dared Bradley to order a beer at the brewery with his wallet open and the picture showing. The bartender didn’t notice, but the couple sitting there did.

• We went back to the hotel room to sleep, but not before stopping at the grocery store for Klondike bars and wine. The fridge in the room didn’t have a freezer.

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