PCT Day 88 – Lava Camp Lake

19.7 miles, near 1982.6

• Packing up camp grumpy because it rained on and off all night, and there’s 2 small puddles in the tent. I had a pair of socks in the corner that got soaked, the other puddle was next to my head close to my camera. Nothing was touching the tent walls, so I’m not sure what caused the leak.

• I packed my camera away because of the intermittent rain. I snapped a few photos with my phone until it cleared up in the afternoon. We only had a few views of the Sisters, otherwise obscured by fog.

• We stopped for lunch at obsidian falls. The whole area is scattered with obsidian, a glassy black rock.

• A couple hours later, I turned the corner and saw the crew down below some snow, waiting at a creek. Bradley yelled up, “send it, brother!” so I held my camera tight and glissaded down the 50 ft hill. Just a quickie, but a fun “sled ride”. I’m sure we missed a lot of this in the Sierra.

• I definitely need new insoles. My arches are barking more and more everyday. We’re hiking on some lava rock today which doesn’t help.

• Made it to camp a couple hours before sunset, at a 1 pit toilet campground. We have the walk-in site all to ourselves with a picnic table, so luxurious!

• Yardsale was sitting and chatting with our campsite neighbors when I arrived, then wandered back to us an hour later. They kept her drink fresh and she got a little drunk. She brought back 2 shooters filled with wine for us to share.

• There were 2 kids play fighting across the pond, red shirt vs blue shirt. We narrated the play by play as they threw spin kicks and karate moves. We are easily entertained out here.

• We passed 1000 miles hiked today, 37.73% done with the entire PCT 🎉

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